NotifyAll Action to *really* notify All


Why do I need to use 2 Actions in RT2 (same in RT3), NotifyAllWatchers
and NotifyOtherRecipients, if I would like to notify all people?

I would like to use just one Action, “NotifyAll” which will
notify really all:

  • Queue Cc Watcher
  • Queue Administrative Cc Watcher
  • Owner
  • Requestor
  • Cc
  • AdminCc
  • “pseudo” Cc (of this ticket update)
  • “pseudo” Bcc (of this ticket update)
    and all email recipiens (except Bcc) should see all other recipiens
    in email To: field.

This Action should not sent mail out of RT, if the transaction is
originated via Email

Is that possible? Does this add-on/patch exists somewhere?
Can I do all this with patching lib/RT/Action/ ?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,