Notify when requestor replies/comments to some ticket

I want to know how can I notice when a requestor of a ticket replies or comments on the ticket after it has been created.
This is to be used on Several of our queues so the group responsible for the
queue can be notified to respond.
This is important as the the members of the groups drop in and out of the
office so getting a notification would help them all be aware of updates on
tickets they may have to pick up

You can set queue level watchers, so some group “admins A” can watch “queue A” as AdminCc watchers and should by default get all emails for tickets in queue A

We use notifications based on group memberships to send emails when new tickets are created, comments/correspondence are added, etc. This is done using RT’s sbin/rt-email-group-admin command line tool.

So for example imagine you had a group in RT called “Foo” and you wanted to email any current members of that group when someone replies to a ticket in the Bar queue that they look after. You’d first create a notification group:

rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify Foo team' --group Foo

Then you can create scrips using this notification group in the web UI. So in this case you’d create a scrip called “Tell Foo about replies in Bar” with something like:

Condition: On correspond
Action: Notify Foo team
Template: Correspondence in HTML
Applies To: Bar

I hope that helps.

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Ok, clear enought but is it possible to send an email just for the owner or the actual owner of the ticket?

There is a NotifyOwner action