Notify Requestor on Resolve - advise

I have rt-3.2.1+apache_1.3.31+mod_perl1+MySQL-3.23.58

I have the required Scrip:

On Resolve Notify Requestors with template Resolved

The problem I seem to be having is related to the above scrip action.

When I click on “Resolve”, I expect that RT would display the e-mail
address of the Requestor as one of the those it will send an e-mail

What I see (at the bottom of the Ticket display) when I click Resolve:

This message will be sent to…
(Check boxes to disable notifications to the listed recipients)
AdminCC Comment
On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Correspondence

* Bcc: 

Messages about this ticket will not be sent to…
(Check boxes to enable notifications to the listed recipients)

Now, there is no mention of the Requestor’s address there. To me, it
means that NO MAIL will be sent to requestor, yes? That is not in
agreement with my Scrip, yes?

I am lost as to what the problem is in this case. Help appreciated!


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