Notify requestor of all owner changes except ones to specfic user


In setting up RT at our organization, we’ve configured it to
automatically assign tickets to our manager, who then reassigns them to
staff members as needed. What I’d like to do is notify requestors of the
second assignment (i.e. when the person who is actually handling it gets
the ticket), but not the first (which is a simple custom scrip).

The problem is that using the standard “On Owner Change, Notify
Requestors” scrip options causes RT to send an e-mail for the first
assignment. So, I’m hoping to come up with a scrip action that sends
e-mail for all owner changes except the first (or, conceivably, for all
owner changes except changes that go to our manager guy).

Is there a good starting point for this anywhere? Could I possibly
modify the existing On Owner Change scrip? Any ideas would be greatly

Benjamin Ortega Minnesota Population Center
Applications Programmer University of Minnesota