Notify other Admins when an Admin creates a ticket via email


  1. Admin1 sends an email to the support email mailbox
  2. email gets fetched and should be inserted into RT
  3. Ticket does not show up nor is created
  4. Admin2 and Admin3 does not get any email

How can I accomplish this?

You do not want the ticket to be created?

It shall be created. Sorry if that was not clear.

Currently it is not created, but it should!

If you add your Admin users as watchers on the queue Admin->Queues->General->Watchers “AdminCc” they should get notified when a new ticket is created.

You can check the mail logs and RT logs to see if there is a hint as to why the ticket is not being created

Yes, we are watchers in that queue.

I found out that the issue is only with my Outlook 2013. If I send the email via a web interface it works with my account. However my 2 colleages do not have the issue with Outlook - so it is a specific issue with my personal account in Outlook. I will look into that.

Error Log of RT when sending an email to RT out of my Outlook (I did not attach a file!):

[6] [Tue Nov 15 10:00:59 2022] [critical]: Attachment insert failed: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type bytea
CONTEXT:  unnamed portal parameter $7 = '...' (/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/
[6] [Tue Nov 15 10:00:59 2022] [critical]: Attachment insert failed: ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block (/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/
[6] [Tue Nov 15 10:00:59 2022] [error]: RT::Scrips=HASH(0x5610a3106548) couldn't load ticket 1760 (/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/


This is probably a very special case just for me. I migrated from a “apt install” installation to a manual installation and also migrated from mysql to postgres.

I had though upgraded the database via “make upgrade-database” but in the end, I had to change the database schema manually. I compared my migrated DB with an standard initialized database and changed the types of the fields (bytea to text, etc.).

That was a lot of work, but it seems to work now.