Notify on Status change

I’m sure there’s an obvious way to do this but I there’s something I’m missing conceptually so hopefully someone here can set me on the right track. I’m want to notify a group of users (the same group every time) by email when a ticket gets put into a certain status. Essentially we’re automating notification of changes and when the change owner puts the ticket into “Scheduled” status, I want to send an email to the group so that they are notified of the scheduling. Ideally the message would included the date of the scheduled change (just another CF so that’s not an issue for me).

I can find plenty of references to changing a status based on conditions met but I can’t find how to reference a status being set as the condition to launch a scrip - is there a way to do this?

You can check the transaction contents via the $self->TransactionObj variable in a scrip. So if you want to check that the status changed to Scheduled I think you would check the following;

return 0 unless ($self->TransactionObj->Type eq 'Set' && $self->TransactionObj->Field eq 'Status' && $self->TransactionObj->NewValue eq "Scheduled");
return 1;

The message sent should be of course based on a template, and in a template you can add the various custom fields etc as usual.