Notify on Resolve with Exceptions

Hello list,

I’m using this

my @exceptionList = (‘’,


my $newStatus = $self->TicketObj->Status;

my $ticketRequestor = lc($self->TicketObj->RequestorAddresses);

if ($newStatus eq ‘resolved’) {

return if grep { $ticketRequestor eq lc($_) } @exceptionList;

return 1;



to exclude automated systems from replies when tickets are resolved.
It’s a slight mod of the “Autoreply on create with exceptions” action I
found. It seems to work, with one minor hiccup:

For the Action dropdown, I have "Notify Requestors, CCs and AdminCCs"
selected - NOT the “as comment” option. However, when I hit Resolve on
a ticket and get to the the text box for final resolution notes, I
notice it defaults to “Update Type: Comment (not sent to requestors).”

Am I mashing two things together here? Where can I change that Update
Type default, but still keep the exception check?


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