$Notes not provided in Rejected.pm

Is there a reason why the $Notes variable is not passed to the
GetTemplate in Rejected.pm? In Passed.pm there is:

while ( my $o = $t->Next ) {

    next unless $o->Type eq 'Correspond';

    $note .= $o->Content . "\n" if $o->ContentObj;


Would this not work for Rejected.pm? since it is left empty in the

my $template = $self->GetTemplate(‘Approval Rejected’,

                                      TicketObj => $rejected,

                                      Approval  => $self->TicketObj,

                                      Notes     => '');


Ton hoogstraten

Dear All,
I installed RT3.8.2 on Debian Etch.
I installed RTFM , when I tried to use make initdb it’s generate
Error in option spec: “prompt-for-dba-password=RTUSER2”
…returned with error: 65280
make: *** [initdb] Error 255.
I used this dba password in Generating RT database and there wasn’t any problem.

Please hep me. I am new to Linux world

Best wishes,

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