Notes across Multiple Tickets for Requesters

Is there a way to make notes visible across all tickets for a requester? For example, lets say Jon Doe has an account on my instance of RT that comes from There are some things special about their account that need to be known. I would like to have those things visible on all their tickets in the header section so, if one of my colleagues gets that ticket they will know about those special things (and add new ones if necessary that would show up on their other tickets as well). They could then take that into account when working their ticket.

Does such a thing exist? Possibily under something like the More about the requestors section of a ticket or alike. I’m using RT v4.2.14 running on CentOS 7.

What about one or more Custom Field associated with the user objects? You could then make a local copy of /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople that displays the custom fields that you’re interested in for requestors, in whatever way makes most sense for them/you.

I’m still new to RT, but this sounds interesting. So, would it be possible to edit and add notes to a person right from a ticket and or would you need to do that from the l local copy of /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople?

Hmm, that’ll be a bit more work than just showing notes attached to the user, and you’d probably need local copies of more than just ShowPeople. Effectively you’d be updating two things at once (the ticket that is normally updated, plus the custom fields associated with the user.

If you’re new to RT you’ll probably want to just try displaying the user custom fields in ShowPeople first, to get a feel for how RT works internally.

Thanks for the advice.