Not able to forward message to another queue

  • We have 2 queues. Let’s called it q1 ( and q2 ( used by q1 team and q2 team.
  • for ticket in q1, sometimes team q1 need to comment/ forward message in ticket and cc We configured RTAddressRegexp to be something random like “” so RT allow smtp sending email and email’s sent back to mailbox but ticket 's not created in RT in q2.

Could you give some advices, please.

I’m not sure understanding your question.

You insert as CC: in a ticket-transaction of q1 and the email is sent out to the mailserver and received back on the ticketsystem. Right?

If there is the RT-tag in the subject of this email RT will not generate a new ticket. It uses the tag to identify the original ticket an file the incoming email in this ticket.

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