No Ticket Specified?

RT 3.8.3, Apache 2.2.11, mod_perl 2.0.4, MySQL 5.1.34. Usually using XP/Pro and Firefox 3.5.1, although happened in Firefox 3.0.x as well.

Just randomly throughout the day, I click on a link for a ticket and I get RT Error and No ticket specified. I click back on my mouse, and then again on the same link, and then it works.

A couple Mac folks report hitting this every now and then using their version of FF 3.5.x. Whether anecdotal, coincidental, All-Apple-Is-Perfect dogma, or true, they claim it never happens under Safari (not sure what versions.)

They don’t logoff in between when problems occur. There’s no timeout (as best as I know). No closing of browser or restarting of machine. User/Group rights don’t change. It appears to be completely sporadic and random.

The one time we did happen to catch this (OSX/Firefox3.5.1), the RT Error had the URL …/Ticket/Display.html?id%3d527. Clicking back and then the same link again produces the URL …/Ticket/Display.html?id=527 in the address bar at the top.

I forget if %3d is hex for the = sign or not. But the upshot is, certainly “nothing changed” in the two seconds it takes to click ticket link-get error-click back-click ticket link again.

I’ve only got Logging to Syslog and have Set($LogToSyslog , ‘notice’); set so maybe I’m not seeing as much in my logs. I’ll be happy to make this more verbose/lower log level if anyone can tell me what to try to set it to, and what to look for in the logs when this No ticket specified error happens again.

Random searches through the list date back to RT 2.x but nothing specific I can really try and track down and/or debug.

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I’ve encountered a similar problem when closing and restoring Firefox 3.12,
but the back button alone is enough to get to the right page, so I’ve never
worried about it…

And yes, = URL-encodes to %3D

I’ve been getting this error too, but it occurs when I click “Update
Ticket” after composing a comment or reply for a ticket. What’s
especially annoying is when I click Back, my comment/reply is no longer
in the WYSIWYG editor. But if I retype the message and click “Update
Ticket” again it goes through fine.

I’m disabling the WYSIWYG editor to see if that makes a difference.