No permission to create tickets in the queue

Hi all

I have a queue where “everyone” is grnated the right to create a ticket. I tested with a “foreign”, brand new email : it just works ™, and it added the email to the MySQL DB.

But, we have a user that always gets this error :
No permission to create tickets in the queue ‘support-toto’

I SQLed a bit, and found no info about this user in the DB :
SELECT id, name, emailaddress FROM Users WHERE emailaddress LIKE ‘%his_domain%’;
–> MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows).

So, this user is “not yet” registered in the DB (from what I understand), he should be in teh group “Everyone”, right ?

What did I miss ? Why can’t he create any ticket ?

Thanks in advance


Dear all,

I understand that sets the error message when the
requester has no right to create tickets. I was wondering if there is a
way to customize this message as our users find it “grumpy”… We can
modify but I would like to know if we can put
something in a custom template or script to accomplish the same thing.
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

#Now that we have a queue, Check the ACLS
unless (
Right => ‘CreateTicket’,
Object => $QueueObj
return (
0, 0,
$self->loc( “No permission to create tickets in the queue
’[_1]’”, $QueueObj->Name));