No error message on invalid data for CF in 3.5.6

I was playing around with 3.5.6, and I have to say, there are some intriguing new features I have been waiting for, such as the multiple “order by” choices in the query builder (as opposed to only one in 3.4). But at the top of the list is CF validation. We wanted to migrate from a system that is not web-based, but had provided input validation, and the person in charge did not want to try and use a date-based CF, for example, without being able to prevent a majority of bad data from getting in the system. I was going to try and code something myself, but the task seemed a little daunting compared to the other customizations I had made.

It appears that the validation works as advertised. Say for instance I created a new CF that had the requirement of validating to a year value. When I go to create a new ticket with that CF, if I enter “blah” and hit submit, I don’t get any kind of message that says why the ticket didn’t get created. When I get the value right, the ticket gets created. Shouldn’t there be some message on the page or a js popup to let the user know what they did wrong? For instance, if you had several of these CFs that required validation, it would be nice to know which one failed and why.

Also along those lines, in 3.4 (I haven’t tested this yet in 3.5), when you set up the configuration to drop attachments over a certain size, there is nothing to let the user know that their attachment was rejected because it was too big. I’ve tried hacking the code, and the furthest I could get was propagating a message back up that could be written to the log, but this isn’t helping the user. We’ve had problems with ticket creation taking 5 minutes or longer with an attachment of 3MB or so on an Oracle DB, so I had to make the limit 1MB. So now I’ve seen tickets where the person says something is attached, but it never made it, because the attachment was silently dropped.

Eric Schultz

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