No error for a non-existent email in RT

Hi, I’m having this problem in RT 5.0.3:

if I create a ticket and put in cc an email that doesn’t exist in RT, RT doesn’t give me any error message and doesn’t send the email to the cc (rightly so).
I would like to get an error message if the email does not exist, is it possible?


What is your mail setup?

I use for AD authentication

Set( $ExternalAuthPriority, ["My_LDAP"] );
Set( $ExternalInfoPriority, ["My_LDAP"] );
Set($UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin, { Privileged => 0 } );
Set($AutoCreateNonExternalUsers, 0);
Set($ExternalSettings, {
    'My_LDAP'       =>  {
        'type'             =>  'ldap',
        'server'           =>  'XXXXXX:636',
        'user'             =>  'XXXXXX',
        'pass'             =>  'XXXXXX',
        'base'             =>  'XXXXXX',
        'filter'           =>  '(objectClass=user)',
        'd_filter'         =>  '(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)',
        'tls'              =>  { verify => 'require',
        'net_ldap_args'    =>  [ version =>  3, scheme => 'ldaps' ],
        # Users are allowed to log in via email address or account name
        'attr_match_list'  => [
        # Import the following properties of the user from LDAP upon login
        'attr_map' => {
            'Name'         => 'sAMAccountName',
            'EmailAddress' => 'mail',
            'RealName'     => 'cn',
            'WorkPhone'    => 'telephoneNumber',
} );

and this is my

use utf8;
Set($rtname, '');
Set($Organization, '');
Set($Timezone, 'Europe/Rome');
Set($WebDomain, '');
Set($WebPort, '443');
Set($CorrespondAddress, '');
Set($CommentAddress, '');

Set($DatabaseHost, 'localhost');
Set($DatabasePort, undef);
Set($DatabaseName, 'rt5');

Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/\Q$rtname\E/i );
Set($OwnerEmail, 'admin');
Set($MaxAttachmentSize, 10_000_000);  # 10M
Set($TruncateLongAttachments , 1);
Set($RTAddressRegexp, 'sosinformatica\@XXXXXX\.it');

Set($DefaultQueue, 'Assistenza');
Set($RememberDefaultQueue, 0);
Set($LogoURL, '/static/images/request-tracker-logo.png');
Set($LogoLinkURL, '');

Set($ShowUnreadMessageNotifications, 1);

Set($ShowMoreAboutPrivilegedUsers, 1);
Set($MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo, 'WorkPhone');
Set($HideUnsetFieldsOnDisplay, 1);

Set($OldestTransactionsFirst, 0);

Set($SelfServiceUserPrefs, 'view-info');
Set($SelfServiceShowGroupTickets, 1);
Set($SelfServiceUseDashboard, 1);

Set($LogToSyslog, 'debug');
Set($LogToSTDERR, undef);

Set(%GnuPG, 'Enable' => '0');
Set(%SMIME, 'Enable' => '0');


but I don’t think it depends on the configuration but on the fact that someone inserts an email that RT doesn’t find in the DB


I found the error, it’s at the top of the screen:

Couldn't load or create user: Could not set user info

but I don’t understand why it is not translated during the creation phase, but yes when editing the ticket

Impossibile trovare o creare l'utente ''

the it.po file is correct

msgid "Couldn't load or create user: %1"
msgstr "Impossibile caricare o creare l'utente: %1"

msgid "Could not set user info"
msgstr "Impossibile impostare le informazioni dell'utente"

furthermore there is no indication of the email, which is logged in the syslog instead.

Jan 31 09:17:16 rtdev RT: [340979] Couldn't load or create user from email address, Could not set user info

I looked in lib/RT/Record/Role/ and in fact I found the different indication

push @errors, $self->loc( "Couldn't load or create user: [_1]", $msg );
RT::Logger->error( "Couldn't load or create user from email address " . $e->{'value'} . ", " . $msg );

what is the best way to insert . $e->{‘value’} . also in the error message on screen?