No admin access - another try for assistance

I wrote about this issue a fortnight ago and received a reply that it
looked like a web server problem. As I said I have two Solaris servers
that are almost identical and RT runs fine on one and not on the other.
I’ve installed RT several times so I’m fairly up on it but at this point
I’ve hit a total dead end in spite of weeks of testing.

This issue is that after installation I can access the authorisation
page but when I enter “root” user and the password only the "Self-Serve"
page comes up. No admin. I’ve checked the database carefully against a
working version and it has all the same entries for the root user.

It may indeed be a server problem but I’m confident that the server is
exactly the same as the other server. Only difference I can see between
the two is that one has Perl 5.8.5 and the one I’m installing on now has
Perl 5.8.8. I’d sure appreciate some help as I really need to get this
in to production.


Solaris 8 on Sun servers
Apache 1.3.33 with mod_perl 1.29 compiled against perl 5.8.8
RT version 3.4.3 (also tried 3.2.3 and unreleased 3.5.2)


Darrell Burkey, President
Computing Assistance Support & Education Inc -