Nice to have


I have installed RT on a test server here and created a queue where people could submit some ideas about some ways to enhance some of the functionality of the tracking system. Some of them may be
impossible and/or bogus and stupid, but my boss put in a request for me to submit it all, and so I shall. I know that a new release of RT is around, and I remember seeing a few similarities between
the new release and some of the things here, but what they heck, I’ll go ahead and list them all. Again, this is just a quick braistorm list. I hope it may help!

  1. The drop down box for the queues always resets to the top. When I am creating multiple tickets in the same queue, it would be nice for the drop down box to default to the current queue so that I
    dont have to keep reselecting the queue.

  2. It would be great if I were to send a message:
    CC: rt
    if the system would create a ticket from me, assigned to abc…or something to that extent where it could be automated.

  3. A native client would be trivial to implement if the functionality were exposed as XML-RPC or Web Services. It might be useful if one these interfaces were added.

  4. Is there a client for Mac OS X? Even without Web Services or XML-RPC support, an AppleScript/Aqua client should be relatively trivial – and improve the user experience.

  5. Wiki style comment enhancements. Wikis have a syntax to parse comments and generate links from special syntax in comments. So, for instance, Id like to be able to refer to a different ticket
    number with a special syntax that generates a link to that ticket when formatting the web page (eg tkt#31).
    A help link should also probably be attached next to the text boxes which support this feature to remind people of the available syntax.

  6. It would be great to be able to set up the ability to forward issues that are associated with Open Source projects to the proje ct issue tracking system. This should probably be configurable by
    queue. A moderator would need to go into the issue list, check off the ones to be forwarded, and they should be a) forwarded, and b) marked as forwarded – so they dont get forwarded again.
    That would simplify the task of sending all these requests to (for example) the good ole hackers at fsck (or Best Practical).

  7. If I’m creating a bunch of tickets, it would be nice if the Create button returned me to the same page to enter the next ticket. The best way to do that might be to have a Create/Review button
    and a Create-Another button.

  8. When searching through tickets, the ‘Previous Page’ link exists on the first page. This seems to be a little confusing – the ‘Previous Page’ / ‘Next Page’ should only be there if there is a
    previous or next page.

  9. The subject message for auto-generated RT responses can be a overwhelming, especially if you have a long server name. Most of the subject line are content-free strings that dont really lety ou
    figure out when looking in your Inbox what these messages are about. It might help if the subject came first, and then the bracketed ticket info came at the end.

  10. It might also be pretty cool if the initiator of a ticket is the one to indicate that the issue is resolved. If there was another action (like propose-resolved) which would send an email with
    the comment/explanation. The email could end with:
    ‘If you think this resolves your problem, click here.’ That URL would then close the ticket out.

I tried to explain some of them the best that I could. Im sure some don’t make much sense, but if anybody wants more clarification, do not hesitate to contact me!