New Version

I just put rt-1.0.7 into production and it is working pretty good.
We have thousands of email coming through a day, so I added page
support to the queue.

Anyway. I am now playing with rt2. I love this version, much
cleaner, but I have some questions.

1- What happened to areas. Is there something similar in rt2?
2- Any reason I should not switch now to rt2? Seems pretty stable.
3- Last one… I have been poking around, but can someone point me
to some docs on how to add my own script. Or at least a starting
point. What i would like to accomplish is a little strage. when a
request comes in, look up the email address in out customer database
and add a comment to the ticket with all their info. That way the
cust support rep does not need to do this by hand.

Thanks everyone,
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