New UX for RT: REST 2.0, json, and what? - we moved to rt-devel list

Hi All,

According to offering of Wallace (BPS) we are moving to the rt-devel list.
Anyone is interested to see the results or contribute, highly welcome to
join the rt-devel list. Here is the subscribe page:

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ÁkosOn Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 1:30 AM, Wallace Reis wreis@bestpractical.comwrote:


On 25/03/14, 6:21 PM, wrote:

  • we have to choose a place for project communication, since you and
    Frank expressed your interest in contributing.

The rt-devel list is probably a good and the right place. Additionally,
the BPS team will make sure to post there specially about the work on


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