'New' UpdateStatus link does not mark the messages as seen

Hi RT Users,

I am trying to set up the ‘New’ messages function based on UpdateStatus in RT 4.4 with the ticket Display link. The link does correctly take me to the new message but it does not mark the message as seen. That requires me to scroll back to the top of the ticket and click on the mark messages option. In our 3.8.x release, clicking on the link would clear the flag without needing a second click within the ticket display. I can see that it just needs an added ‘&MarkAsSeen=1&Anchor=’ so the current link:


would become:


Is there a simple way to make that change?



Just to follow-up on this question. I missed the obvious answer. This is a simple change to the ColumnMap file. Follow the instructions for Customizing/Search result columns in the RT documentation and put the following lines in the Once file:

# Have the UpdateStatus 'New' mark the messages as seen.
$COLUMN_MAP->{UpdateStatus} = {
    title => 'New messages', # loc
    value => sub {
        my $txn = $_[0]->SeenUpTo or return $_[0]->loc('No');
        return \('<a href="'. RT->Config->Get('WebPath') .'/Ticket/Display.html?id='
            . $_[0]->id .'&MarkAsSeen=1&Anchor=txn-'. $txn->id .'">'),
            $_[0]->loc('New'), \'</a>';

Then restart RT/clear the Mason cache.