New to RT / RTFM Integration

Just this week we installed and started testing RT. What a great system.

I am having one problem I just can not figure out. When I try to extract
an article from RT to RTFM it seems to fail. This is what happens.

I click extract, select a class, then select the custom field for the
appropriate part of the RT article (type – singletext). Then I print
submit. I do not get any error message, but the resulting RTFM article
does not contain any any of the extracted data. In other words, the field
is blank (even though there is no error message, etc.)

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Christopher VanOosterhout
Torresen Marine, Inc. - The Sailboat Specialists
Internet Division

3126 Lake Shore Drive
Muskegon, Michigan 49441

It was recently discussed:

Christopher VanOosterhout wrote:

If this subject has already been covered, I would appreciate a link to the
reference. If it is has not been covered, I would be interested in any
ideas on the subject.

What would be the easiest way to handle responses to creation of a new
ticket through the web interface vs. via email. For instance, when a
customer/user creates a ticket via an email request I would like them to
receive a specific template/message. However, when I create a ticket on a
customer’s behalf (for instance if I am on the phone with them) I would
like them to receive a different template/email.