New Tickets Throwing 502.

Hello everyone!

I’m new here, but essentially- I’m on RT 5.0.3, and we have it running near perfectly on Nginx. We can create assets and alter the site. However, whenever we create a ticket (either with the quick create function, or the long-handed way), it throws a 502.

I did insert the following within, though no logs seem to appear in tmp afterward.

Set($LogToFile,      'debug');
Set($LogToFileNamed, 'rt.log');
Set($LogDir,         '/tmp');```

I'm happy to share anything file-wise, hoping that I'm just missing something apparent and it's clear to anyone in particular. 

Thank you for parsing over this!

Have a great day.

A couple of things to check: the file has to exist and it has to be writable by the user that is running RT (usually the user the web server is running under). You might also have to flush the Mason cache and restart the web server to get RT to reread the config file (depends on your set up a bit). You cal also use $LogToSyslog to send the debug info to your syslog if you prefer (handy if you syslog to a remote log server).