New Ticket Ownership in 3.0.8

I’m running 3.0.8 with Apache 1.3.26, mod_perl, Postgresql 7.2.2,
DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.96.

I’ve been running great on 3-0-5 for months, but since upgrading to
3-0-8 last week I’ve been seeing some strange issues regarding ownership
of new tickets. Most new tickets recieved by email are created with
owner Nobody, as expected, however sometimes they are created with owner

This appears to be random. I have a cron job running on another server
which sends emails informing me of any config changes required on
peering routers that runs each morning at 8:30. This morning, the email
concerning our linx peering router was recieved at 8:32, and the
ownership was Nobody, however the email concerning the AMS-IX peering
router that arrived at 8:36 is owned by RT_System… These emails both
come from the same address, and are sent to the same queue, the only
difference in the content is a minor difference in the subject, and the
actual message body. The Queue recieving the tickets is doing no custom
subject processing, just the standard global scrips…

Has anyone else seen new tickets coming in owned by RT_System?



Russell Heilling
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Has anyone else seen new tickets coming in owned by RT_System?

I have, just recently. I’m on 3.0.9.pre1.

However, at the time that I saw them (there were a few) I was in the
process of mucking with the mailgateway code, and my mucking was not
complete – I believe that I caused it.