New 'Permission denied' error after 5.0.4 upgrade from 5.0.2

I think this issue happened after I upgraded from 5.0.2 to 5.0.4. I’ve got the RT debug log going to collect data & see if I can find it but wanted to post here as well.

Some (so far) users are getting a “Permission denied” error message on their web page after they add an update to a ticket. The error message appears in the yelow banner where you see “Correspondance added”, etc. It looks like mail is still going out/etc., but we can’t explain how this is happening. No admins here have admitted changing any user permissions.

False alarm.

It turns out there is some kind of hard ware issue that put the hard drive into “read only” mode. To me, this explains the errors. Now I need to wait for IT to fix the virtual machine before I can do anything else.