New extension to filter incoming tickets and perform actions on them

Hello, here is a new RT extension RT::Extension::FilterRules, which provides a way for non-technical users to set up ticket filtering rules which perform actions on tickets when they arrive in a queue.

You, or people you delegate this facility to, define rules such as “subject contains this” or “was sent to this email address”, and set actions to be performed when the rules are matched. It is intended to work a bit like Outlook message filtering.

Rules can be activated when a ticket is created, or when a ticket moves between queues.

It’s been (briefly) tested on RT 4.2.16, 4.4.4, and 5.0.1. This is the first release; so far it’s not had much more than basic smoke testing, but the core features definitely seem to be working.

Hopefully the tutorial in the README is enough to get new users started. I’m open to any comments, suggestions, patches, bug reports, etc.


This is not getting the attention it deserves :smiley:

Best extension so far. I have at least 10 separate scrips with similar “user defined” code, only changing domains and emails, simulating outlook rule logic. But never decided to write it all in an extension. Amazing work, worth to test this extension even if you don’t need it.