New error

I recently deleted my test rt directory. I installed a new one from
the source files with the same configure string. I rebuilt the to the best of my knowledge. Now when I launch the
web server it gives the following error.

Starting httpd: [Tue Feb 28 10:13:00 2006] [error] Can’t locate
object method “server” via package “Apache” at /opt/rt34devel/lib/RT/
Interface/Web/ line 121.\nCompilation failed in require at
(eval 2) line 1.\n
[Tue Feb 28 10:13:00 2006] [error] Can’t load Perl file: /opt/
rt34devel/bin/ for server, exiting…

Does anyone have any ideas on this error.

I think I set the below 2 values the same as they were before. Is
there somewhere in the database I can look to find out what the
values were previously? In any case I can’t imagine these being
different would cause the above error.
Set( $rtname, ‘SUNY Geneseo’);
Set($Organization , “”);

Shawn Plummer
Systems Manager
CIT SUNY Geneseo
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