New configurations


I am new to RT and I want to use outlook as email delivery agent and receiving emails to ticketing system with piping outlook mail box. Kindly provide the steps to configure the email setup with RTIR. If possible please upload a video for this new setup


If you have an outlook inbox that you want to pull from and send from there are a few approaches you can take, plenty of examples in this forum for each.

For incoming mail you can use a tool like Fetchmail or Getmail to pull emails from your outlook inbox using IMAP.

For outgoing the easiest set-up I have seen is to use Postfix and set-up for an external SMTP relay, something like this link describes:

I don’t know if there are any videos of setting this up as it can be very different for each RT depending on the mail server RT is working with

There’s also ssmtp, which is really simple, but it doesn’t have all the features of a full-blown SMTP server. If I’m not mistaken, it just tries to deliver message once and doesn’t retry if initial delivery fails.

I use ssmtp when I need to relay non-critical mail to MTAs under my direct control, but not for Internet mailing, as it can’t deal with greylisting, temporary link problems, advanced SMTP reply codes etc.