NEVERMIND (was Re: POLL: comments with status changes (was Re: Comment when ticket transfers queues))

I read the whole thread and it was mentioned a couple of times already what
I think the easiest thing to do which is to hide the Queue change and Status
change from /opt/rt3/local/html/Ticket/Elements/Editbasics forcing your
users to use the comment/reply pages (Update.html) for Queue/status changes
where there available to them is a comment form to fill in if they wish to
do so …
Why the big thread …RT is Open source make it how you want it .

RoyFrom: “Vicki Stanfield”
To: “Jay R. Ashworth”
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 7:17 PM
Subject: Re: NEVERMIND (was Re: POLL: comments with status changes (was
Re:[rt-users] Comment when ticket transfers queues))

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

IMO, it would be close. All I want is the option of adding a comment
when a status change like a queue transfer is done.

And off-list you clarify that you aren’t really trying to get it to
force the user to fill in that comment, which wasn’t clear from your
original posting – at least, not to me.

Teach them to use the Jumbo page to do those things; it has a comment
field on it already.

– jra

I tried to clarify it in one of my on-list responses to Ruslan, but
apparently I didn’t do so. I don’t need for it to be forced, but I
wanted it to be one action that prompted for the comment (which could be
empty) and moved the ticket to the named queue. Sorry if I was unclear.
I’ll look at the jumbo option. Thanks.


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