Netscape 6.1 for linux and rt 2.04 (from:

I’m not likely to work around netscape 6.1’s display bugs like this in RT…
but if anyone’s curious…

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it looks like a NS bug, I poked around a bit more and this changes
brought everything back to normal:

diff Tabs Tabs.alesh
< HREF="<%$RT::WebPath%>/<% $toptabs->{$tab}->{‘path’}%>"><%

  HREF="<%$RT::WebPath%>/<% $toptabs->{$tab}->{'path'}%>"><% 



diff MyRequests MyRequests.alesh
< <%$Ticket->Id%> 


diff MyTickets MyTickets.alesh
< <%$Ticket->Id%> 


I don’t know if this is helpful in any way to you or to the RT project,
but in case others start to bringing this up… hell can’t hurt.


Jesse Vincent wrote:

I’m pretty sure it’s a netscape rendering bug.


yesterday I upgraded NS from 6.1 PR1 to 6.1 Final.

RT is version 2.04.

I noticed weird rendering of RT pages. I attached a screenshot of the
browser, you’ll notice that the ] are missing after [ Home , [ Search ,
[ Configuration, etc… Also the serial # are very close to the subjects
of the tickets.

Could this be a RT2 issue or a stupidity from NS?

Thank you in advance,

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