Need help with multiple approval groups

Following the information found at
ApprovalCreation - Request Tracker Wiki, I have a created a
queue called “Password Resets” and allow users to place tickets in that
queue. An approval request is created in the ___Approvals queue when a new
ticket is created in the Password Resets queue. From the Wiki I’m using
this code in a template for Password Resets:
AdminCC: {
my $group_name = ‘Group Name’;
my $groups = RT::Groups->new( $RT::SystemUser );
‘FIELD’ => ‘Name’,
‘OPERATOR’ => ‘=’,
‘VALUE’ => $group_name );

Everything is working fine. If I change ‘Group Name’ in the above code to
the name of a group with approvers as members, then they get the email
notification and can approve or reject the request. My question is what
changes to the above code can I make so that the AdminCC group gets assigned
based on the requestor’s group membership. Let’s say I have Groups A, B,
and C and Approval Groups D, E, and F. If a user who is a member of Group A
places a ticket in the Password Resets queue, I’d like only Approval group D
to get copied as AdminCC and be able to approve the ticket. Does this make
sense? Is it even feasible? If not I could always create a different Reset
queue for each group and then just deal with that, but I’d like to avoid
that if possible.

Thanks for any insight you might be able to add.

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