Need help linking RT to a CAS authentication server


I would like to configure CAS authentication but I don’t know what to fill in, can you help me?
What package should I add? Which file to modify? I couldn’t find any documentation.

I believe as far as RT you just need to setup external auth with cookies:

Then you need to configure your web server (are you using Apache?) to use CAS auth and set the auth cookie for the Apache session

yes i use Apache. Is there an example config for apache?

Thats outside of RT so I’m not sure what the goto is but first hit on google is something like this

We use CAS auth. It’s a combination of using WebRemoteUserAuth and mod_auth_cas module in apache.

You should be able to find the info on how to get mod_auth_cas set up from their github, GitHub - apereo/mod_auth_cas: An Apache httpd module for integrating with Apereo CAS Server project..

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