"Nameless" .eml attachments

Hi all!

From the version 4.4.3 there is a parameter TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles = 1 which allows to handle the
attached emails (forwarding to rt email as an attachment) as a file. So, my config about it is

Set($TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles, 1);
Set($CheckMoreMSMailHeaders, 1);

So, what happens: the RT does not parse the attached email, what was the goal, but it (attached email)
attaches to ticket without any filename and that is it does not appear in attachments list. It shows up in
a history section as an almost empty line, the only thing shows, that it was an email is “message/rfc822” and size.

My question is: is there a way (scrip, plugin, code) to name attachments of this kind and put them among regular attachments?

Thanks, Peter