Anyone using “nag” in real life and willing to share his expolits??


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Anyone using “nag” in real life and willing to share his expolits??

I’m using a home-brew wraparound our version of the cli queue display
(foreach knownadmincc ; do showqueue for_this_admincc | mail admincc ;
done), and it generally seems to work in preventing rampant
non-action-ness of stuff.

Its a local policy thing really, ensuring that people actually do followup
on the nag/whatever reminder mails that they receive.

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Anyone using “nag” in real life and willing to share his expolits??

I’m using modified versions of the nag script to do the following types of

  • nag if priority is greater than 75 and tickets are new or open

    This makes sure people are doing the important things.

  • nag if a ticket is owned by nobody and it’s older than 24 hours

    This ensures that any new/open tickets are given an owner by the person
    watching the general queues for that week.

  • nag if a ticket is owned by someone and it’s been sitting in one of our
    general queues for more than 24 hours

    This makes sure tickets are being put into the proper queues once
    assigned (in our case, proper means anywhere BUT the general queues ;-).

  • nag if a ticket is owned by a specific user (cssadmin)

    We’ve got some cronjobs that gate tickets into the corporate Rememdy
    system via email. Local policy states that the person forwarding the
    ticket into Rememdy becomes the liason between corporate IT and the user;
    thus, the forwarder should become the RT ticket owner. This nag notifies
    us when a ticket is still owned by cssadmin. When found, we just reassign
    as needed. I haven’t had to deal with enough tickets to make it worthwhile
    to reassign automatically.

We’ve also got stuff based on the nag script to deal with things like
crisis escalation and on-call notifications from our Crisis queue. It just
does successive pager notifications escalating up a set line of people until
it starts paging everyone on the team.

I’ve attached our simple priority whiner. It uses Mail::Mailer to create
and send the emails. YMMV, use at your own risk, etc.

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