Mysql: transactions not supported

Hi there!

For whatever reason RT3 started to complain in the following way when
doing updates on Tickets:

System error

error: Transactions not supported by database at
/usr/lib/perl5/ line 1625.

1621: sub begin_work {
1622: my $dbh = shift;
1623: return $dbh->set_err(1, “Already in a transaction”)
1624: unless $dbh->FETCH(‘AutoCommit’);
1625: $dbh->STORE(‘AutoCommit’, 0); # will croak if driver doesn’t
support it
1626: $dbh->STORE(‘BegunWork’, 1); # trigger post commit/rollback
1627: return 1;
1628: }

code stack: /usr/lib/perl5/

raw error

Apparently, some system updates may have caused this. When further
investigating this I noticed that the DB tables were all MyISAM and
InnoDB was disdabled. I corrected this, and converted all the tables to
InnoDB, still the driver doesnt like the transactions.

Any ideas?

kind regards, F. Leeber