MySql slowness

Hey All,
I just upgraded to the new and exiting RT 3-0-3 and it looks great. All is
working well so far, but when I display a ticket and click reply or resolve,
it takes 101 seconds for it to show up. Everything else seems to be just
fine on speed. During this time MySql has pegged out the cpu. The specs on
the box are a Dell w/Pentium 450 and 384 megs of ram.

mysql Ver 12.18 Distrib 4.0.11a-gamma, for mandrake-linux-gnu (i586)
Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/1.3.27 (Mandrake Linux/5mdk)

Hmmm, well I hope this is all that you will need to help me. Thanks in
advance for any help.

Erik Watson