MyCalendar portlet on home screen

I have a fresh new installation of RT that we are preparing to use
(3.8.8). We also have another version (3.8.7) running that has been
in use for over 6 years (and we live by it). In the new installation,
I would like to add the MyCalendar portlet on the RT at a Glance page
for all users. I did this in our current installation by going into
configuration -> global -> rt at a glance and selecting it from the
available side in summary. But for some reason in teh new
installation, “MyCalendar” is not in the list of available fields. I
do have the calendar item at the top and can view the calendar, but I
would like to have it on our users home screens to help drive them
with their tasks. In my configuration ( I have the

Set( @Plugins, qw(RT::Authen::ExternalAuth
RT::Extension::CommandByMail RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValues
RTx::Calendar) );
Set( @MailPlugins, qw(Auth::MailFrom Filter::TakeAction));

Set($HomepageComponents, [qw(QuickCreate Quicksearch MyCalendar
MyAdminQueues MySupportQueues MyReminders RefreshHomepage)]);
Set($CalendarDisplayOwner, 1);
Set($ICalTicketType, “Data::ICal::Entry::Event”);
Set($ICalReminderType ,“Data::ICal::Entry::Todo”);
@CalendarPopupFields = (‘Status’, ‘OwnerObj->Name’, ‘DueObj->ISO’);

Which is identical to the 3.8.7 installation. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!