My thoughts on the approvals plus a few bugs and requests

Thanks Jesse for the new Appendix in the user manual : Approvals. For the
first time, I tried to play whith those and here are my comments :

  • in the manual’s “simple example”, one parameter is missing, even though it
    is markeds as mandatory in the fields lists : “Queue:”. I suggest you add
    "Queue : xxx and Type: Approval" in this basic example to make it more

  • Once the approval ticket is created, it appears as a dependency to its
    parent ticket. When clicking on the link that appears in “depends on” on the
    parent ticket, the page can’t be shown as the proposed link is
    "/Ticket/Display.html?id=xxx" when it should be

  • One mistake to avoid : do not create a global scrip using the "on create"
    condition and “create ticket” scrip action. This creates a loop! Would it be
    possible to add a loop detection for such cases (also occurs when creating
    the ticket in the same queue the “on create” condition applies to)

  • I got a strange behaviour when rejecting or approving a ticket. It seems
    that if I refuse a ticket twice, I have to approve it twice too to get it

  • Also, if I ask for all denied and pending approval tickets, I get them
    both on display, and I have no way to make the difference between tickets.
    It would be nice if, for example, the color was different for all three
    status (pending, denied, approved).

That’s all for now, I hope to do more testing on approvals this week.