My contribution

In the past many people have helped me get rt running on different boxes. I
just installed v3 on a couple fedora boxes via the following:

  1. On a new fedora install you need to go into the apache portion and
    select mod_perl (it is not selected by default)

  2. Go into the mysql section and select mysql server (not selected by

  3. Once server install is done go into services and select httpd and mysqld
    to start on boot up.

  4. At a shell set the mysql password via "mysqladmin -uroot password “new
    password” (without quotes)

  5. Follow the RT docs and run perl sbin/rt-test-dependencies
    –with-mysql --with-modperl2 --install. This will install everything
    except WWW-Mechanize.

  6. Go back to cpan and install LWP .

  7. Once done you can go into /root/.cpan and install WWW-Mechanize. (or mybe
    just do it through cpan)

  8. Edit the RT Makefile so web user and group are set to “apache”, also set
    the rt_user password

  9. At a shell add the rt group via “groupadd rt”

  10. run make install, and make initialize-database

  11. Copy over pertinent site info from to

  12. Add the following virtualhost info:

    ServerName your.rt.server.hostname
    DocumentRoot /opt/rt3/share/html
    AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
    RedirectMatch permanent (.*)/$$1/index.html

    this line applies to Apache2+mod_perl2 only

    PerlModule Apache2 Apache::compat

    PerlModule Apache::DBI
    PerlRequire /opt/rt3/bin/

    SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler RT::Mason

This will satisfy all dependencies and configure apache 2.0.47 to give you
a working rt3 box.


Thanks for posting this. Please followup if you run into any problems.
This approach is strongly warned against in the documentation and on
this list. If it works, now, that would certainly be good news.

Exactly! I did it just for kicks because my server with apache 1.3 was
screwed up. It has worked on two apache 2.0.47 installs (so far).