Multiple-value CFs and ExtractCustomFieldValue

I’ve put together a patch to RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValue which
adds the ability to extract multiple values using a single regex into a
multiple-value CF, submitted to as #86978 0.

One issue I’m running into is that, if the scrip runs multiple times on a
ticket (eg. OnTransaction) I can end up with duplicate values in my custom
fields. This seems like something we might enforce at the custom field
level (“Enter multiple unique values”), but I’ve looked at the process of
adding new custom field types and that looks hairy.

My thought is to add a ‘u’ flag to the regex line in
ExtractCustomFieldValue, to extend the patch I wrote and enforce
uniqueness when I add new values to a multiple-value CF. Would Best
Practical be interested in taking a patch like that?

  • Kevin