Multiple queues visibility

I am using rt for almost two years now for the single purpose of IT
helpdesk. I have integrated it with Active Directory by help of
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth and RT::Extension::LDAPImport, and also with
our e-mail system by help of fetchmail and rt-mailgate. Everything works
great, and I am very thankful for the great software.

Now I have the requirement to add another queue for quality department.
I have created new queue and pair of mailboxes, and set queue group
permission the same way I did for IT helpdesk queue. The problem is that
both queues are visible to staff of any of the two queues, which causes
confusion. Also, frequently used “Quick ticket creation” creates ticket
in IT helpdesk queue by default.

Is there a possibility to create multiple queues where each queue staff
would see only their queue (without even knowing there are other queues)?

Thank you in advance,

Marko Cupać