Multiple Mailadresses Per User from LDAP

Good Nighttime,
i’m using Requestracker 4.1 with LDAP integration. This works so far, but there are some corner cases in that an user can have multiple E-Mailadresses, such as userA@domain.tld or A@domain.tld

I’ve found various approaches that tell to adjust the attr_map of the RT::Authen::ExternalAuth module, but it is the following possible?

 Set($ExternalSettings, {
        'My_LDAP'   =>  {
                'attr_match_list' => [
                'attr_map' => {
                        'EmailAddress' => ['mailAddress', 'mailAdressRelay']

Thank you in Advance

Take a look at
I’m not sure if they’ve tweaked the code since they cored ldapimport.