Multiple instances on rt 5

Doing a fresh install of RT 5
Im trying to avoid running various Vm’s with copies of RT.
Can this be done on a single instance of RT 5 ?

If your server can take it then sure, all you’ll have to do is set Apache up to serve the correct RT based on domain. You’ll want to change the homedir as well for the RT install, so instead of /opt/rt5 you’ll install to something like /opt/RTs/one

Thats just multiple installs of the same rt on different paths. I means something like being able to do this from within the config of RT and all on the same data base…

Thats just multiple installs of the same rt on different paths

You can have different RT installs for each one ( Each one would point to a different database )

Could you explain a little more what the end result of what you’d like would look like? It isn’t quite clear to me

Ok so imagine one install , one database , for one company.
But the IT department has a RT , the cleanup crew has an RT. The tickets are not shared so they are kept separate but i dont want to run 10 virtual machines , each with one RT on them… waste of space / resources. right ?

Right, so you could have one server with many RT installs each one pointing to a different database. You’d need to configure and install RT X times but you’d only need one server. That guarantees data is on different RTs for each organization.

The other option is to restrict rights within RT such that the IT team, cleanup crew, etc cannot see/interact with each others tickets. The only downside to this is any admins with global rights will see everything