Multiple Constituency functionality

Hello all,
I’ve been playing around with the Multiple Constituency functionality in a
test environment with this objective in mind:
We want to have different staff groups to handle incidents ONLY of the
constituency they have been assigned to.
With the help of the add_constituency script, I’ve created a new
constituency (let’s say EDUNET).
So, I have the new queues:

  • “Incidents Reports - EDUNET”
  • “Incident - EDUNET”
  • “Investigations - EDUNET”
  • "Blocks - EDUNET"
    and the new groups:
  • “DutyTeam - EDUNET”
  • "ReadOnly - EDUNET"
    Everything right until now…BUT:
  • We want exactly the same behavior (same Incident Response Workflow) in
    the new queues than the workflow used in the “standard” RTIR queues. I
    mean, I want to “Link” or “Create” a new Incident in the “Incident - EDUNET"
    queue from a Incident Report located in the “Incidents Reports - EDUNET"
    queue. Also, “Launch” an Investigation from the Incident located in the
    "Incident - EDUNET”, and so on.
    However, when I login as a member of the “DutyTeam - EDUNET” group, I can
    see the new Incident Reports in the queue “Incidents Reports - EDUNET” but
    there aren’t the Links to “Link” or “Create” an Incident (and I wonder that
    if they would been there, they Link or Create to an Incident within the
    "Incident” queue instead of the “Incident - EDUNET”…).
  • Is there a (right, fast) way to change the “RTIR home page” to show the “
    NewReports”, “UserDueIncidents”, “NobodyDueIncidentes” and "Due Incidentes"
    body elements but whose search is made against the appropriate queue (* -
    EDUNET) if the user belongs to “DutyTeam - EDUNET”?

Any help on either question, it will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. RT 4.0.7 - RTIR 3.0.0rc1