Multiple attachments in 3.8.6

Hi all,

Recently upgraded from 3.8.5, on both our production and development
servers. Having trouble trying to add multiple attachments via the GUI.
Uploading a single attachment is no problem, but when using “Add more
files”, the second just replaces the first attachment. It applies to
both comments and correspondence, when replying to a certain transaction
or just on the ticket. Sending in multiple attachments via mail works
flawlessly… Looking at the change log and “diffing” some relevant
files, there doesn’t seem to be anything that could have caused this
behaviour, only some (what appear to be) encoding changes to
’Ticket/Attachment/dhandler’ (no changes to

Both are virtual machines running FreeBSD 7.1, Apache2, mod_perl2 and
MySQL 5.1

Anyone else experienced this behaviour?

Kind regards and thanks in advance


Hi all,

Try this: