Multi tenancy Queue names


Our organization is planning to have multiple tenants in the same RT

Say we are an organization X, our clients are businesses of similar types
X1, X2… Xn, who in turn have their customers.

We want to host X1, X2… X5 in one RT instance, with each client having
its own set of queues and we will be having several such RT instances
hosting multiple such clients.
We have to maintain queues(like Travel, Admin, HR etc) with the same names
for all the clients.
A single RT instance won’t allow multiple queues with the same name.
So, we would be naming our queues as <Tenant_id>_HR,<Tenant_id>_Admin,
<Tenant_id>_Travel etc. But we don’t want to display the tenantId in the
UI, we just want to display them as HR, Travel and Admin to the end-users.

Has anyone ever tried this approach or has suggestions how to go about it?

Any other approaches to handle multi tenancy are most welcome.