MSTeams Integration v5.0.3

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Can we get any solution to integrate RTv5 with MSTeams.

The below one is not working:

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Can somebody help me on this!!

You might need to say a bit more than “is not working” for folk to provide advice. But looking at that github repo it does say it was for RT4.4.2 and hasn’t been updated for 7 years, so it might just not be compatible with RT5.x and/or Microsoft’s APIs may have changed.

I’m seeking guidance on integrating Request Tracker 5 (RT5) with Microsoft Teams. Specifically, I want to use webhooks in Teams to make API calls. Are there any plugins or tools required for this integration?

I’ve not used webhooks in MS Teams, but from what I understand of them from the limited reading up I did on them they’ll handle incoming and outgoing calls, but they need to have a JSON payload formatted in the way Microsoft document. So if you want to (for example) make an outgoing webhook call from Teams to do something in RT you might need to write a process that can consume that MS format JSON payload, convert it to suitable RT REST 2.0 API calls and then turn the RT JSON into something MS Teams can handle (probably formatted text for simplicity, although you can return structured data for a richer response with images, etc).

To do this you’ll either need to write the process to do this conversion (ie do some local coding), or buy a tool like Zapier (Connect your Microsoft Teams to Request Tracker (RT) integration in 2 minutes | Zapier). I’ve not used the latter mind - the most integration we have between RT and Teams is a local custom callback to put a Teams chat button in the user information field for our service desk folk.

Thanks @GreenJimll

I’m more interested to get more in details for MS teams integration.

Is it RT5 provide or built-in option to get notifications in MSteams for all incoming and action made on each tickets.

No, as I said above you either need to write that yourself or use a third party tool to convert between Microsofts APIs and RT’s REST 2.0 API.

If you’re going from RT->Teams, you can do it relatively straightforwardly using scrips. We just finished doing something very similar recently where we wrote some scrips to deliver an adaptive card JSON to the Webex messaging API and can deliver new ticket notifications to a channel.

You may want to tinker first with the Graph API
Send chatMessage in a channel - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn and use Postman to get an idea of how it works, and then see if you can do a scrip to hit that endpoint in the same way via Perl.