Moving the ticket to another queue automatically

I am looking for a scrip to move tickets automatically to a different Queue.

Queue “incoming” is the queue for all the new tickets created by users
Queue “Escalation” is the queue to move all the tickets from “incoming” based on the following criteria
a. Status “New” or “Open” AND
b. Ticket Created is > 5 hrs

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Instead of moving tickets to another queue, you can create a report using the above criteria and show it in the dashboard as escalated tickets.

Thanks. Let me try that. However, the requirement is to move the tickets to a different queue and I am trying to see if I can achieve the same using rt-crontool.


Why I am afraid of the crontool approach is it involves more effort and going into the unix box. And what if tomorrow a requirement comes to move tickets with more than 10 hours to go to another queue. This would basically mean creating double/triple the number of queues than actual needed.
This is the just from my experience, most product managers aren’t aware of the complexity as well as flexibility of the RT application. So, choose requirements wisely.

Thanks Aniket. Saved Search works.