Moving mysql database: charset problem

Good day to everyone!

Help, please! I am trying to move my mysql RT database from one server to
another, and I am completely stuck.

The promlem (probably) is that mysql servers have diffetent
default-character-set. I have russian text in my database, and on
the new installation of RT there are only question marks instead of

There was default-character-set koi8r on source server, and latin1 on
destination. Database d-c-s is utf8. Tables d-c-s are koi8r.
I changed d-s-c on destination server to koi8r too, and now
I may get same picture in reply to
mysql> select id, name from Queues;
on both servers (first there were question marks too on destination
server, before d-c-s change).

But RT still displays only questions.

How can I catch the correct configuration?

I will be thankful for any advice!