Move to Postgresql in wiki install doc

The wiki install doc for RT 4.4.2 on CentOS 7.4 switched from using MariaDB to Postgresql just last week, even though that version of RT has been out for 8 months.

There’s a note in the new doc that explains, “Instead of MySQL/MariaDB (as per the previous version of this document), we’ve switched to PostgreSQL to enable future full text search enablement.” Can someone elaborate on what future problems are anticipated with MySQL and full text search?

I have a migration planned for tomorrow using MySQL, and this change has me a bit concerned.


Hello Jesse,
some information is written in RT documentation [1].
You can search for comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL fulltext search on the internet. Reading those should help you understand and decide whether it is ok for you to stay with MySQL or not.
Anyway you can still migrate to PostgreSQL later [2].

[1] Full text indexing - RT 4.4.2 Documentation - Best Practical
[2] Converting from other Databases to PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL wiki


Thanks Peter. I’m using MariaDB with Sphinx on CentOS 7 now and it seems to be working fine. I’ll consider a migration to PostgreSQL down the road. The rt-serializer and rt-importer utilities look to be a good way to perform that migration.