Move several queue's from 1 RT3 instance to another?

I’ve just upgraded from RT1.0.7 to 3.0.6. Love it!

Once folks saw how nice it was I was asked to add about 8 new queues,
and 20 of so users with access to only those queues. I did that, but
now have a bit of a problem.

The new queues are already filling up, but some are concerned that the
new queues are in the same rt database as the old queues, so I’ve been
asked to move new new queues to a separate database. I’ve successfully
got a 2nd instance of Apache & RT3 running, but don’t know how to go
about moving some queues/tickets, but not others.

Re-creating the users wouldn’t be much of a problem, and I guess I could
just dump the old database and import into the new one, and then delete
all unwanted queues/tickets and users, but my understanding is that
tickets in deleted queues remain in the database, and that wouldn’t be
acceptable for my purposes.

So, my question is, is there any way to dump specific queues and the
tickets they hold, but not others, and then import them into another
database? Or, is there a way to dump and import the entire database,
and then truly purge certain queues and all the tickets associated with

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Doug Wilson
Project Director - Information Systems
Virtual Technology Corporation