Modifying defaults: 1) preventing assigning Owner 2) adding column displayed

We are planning to use RequestTracker (version 4.4) in production starting in September. There are a few changes in the way that the information is displayed by default that I would like to make … but I have not been able to figure out how. I have reduced the cases I am interested in to 2, using a common scenario for simplicity.

Scenario: A “Cleaning” queue has been created with “building” as a drop-down custom field.
Students, Staff and Faculty can create a ticket asking for some cleaning task to be done in a given building.

Question 1: Is it possible to prevent requestors from selecting the “Owner” of the task so that it remains assigned to Nobody in particular - until it is claimed by an appropriate member of the staff.

Question 2: From RT at a glance, if I click on the “Cleaning” queue, it lists the tickets with 6 columns:

  1. Subject/Requestor
  2. Status/Created
  3. Queue Told
  4. Owner/Last Updated
  5. Priority / Time Left

Is there a way to modify this default display and add another column, “building” from the custom field?

One of the two “problems” I mentioned before seemed to be a false alarm: by connecting to a test student account (which had not been given any priviledge in RT), I did not have the option to select an Owner for the ticket - which is what I wanted.

The one remaining “problem” is that of chaning the default Queue list to add a column showing the value of a custom field. Does any one have any suggestion on how to do this?


In case anyone else was wondering how to do this … What I wanted to be done can be accomplished by doing custom queries, and personnalizing the display of such (and adding Saved Searches to RT at a glance for quick look up).